Hi, I'm Margaret.

I’m a Junior at Tufts University studying Computer Science and Science, Technology, and Society. I like powerlifting, Indonesian coffee, and rap music. I also enjoy reading and writing creative non-fiction.

I try to keep busy.

I work as a Teaching Assistant for COMP 0015, Tufts’ Data Structures class. I am on the board of Tufts Women in Computer Science, and previously served as co-chair of TUSC Film Series. I write for The Tufts Daily as a Contributing Editor in the Arts section, and run a bi-weekly, semi-sincere astrology club called Students Taking Astrology Really Seriously (S.T.A.R.S.).

I am interested in many things.

Outside of coursework, TA-ing, and lifting, I spend time trying to learn about:

  • Computer security
  • Cyborgs, cyborg feminism
  • The Arabic and Armenian languages
  • Technology and magic
  • Environmental racism
  • Women in the field of exercise science
  • Art in the ancient Mediterranean/Levant
  • And other things…

To see what I have been reading and working on lately, I recommend checking my favorites tab, or my blog.